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Fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and director Margreet Sweerts host the workshop @golden__joinery ' at @rozetarnhem on the 22nd of June. Combine it with a visit to the Arnhemse @stockdagen for a great day in Arnhem! More info on our Facebookpage.Hip and history go hand in hand at @barflorian . Inspired by Italian hospitality and romance from Venice, Bar Florian is thé place for a great gin-tonic and a tasty meal.The designers from @superposition.cc designed the posters for the @opaarnhem evenings during FDFA. On the 15th of June (together with @stateoffashion2018 ): Whataboutery - No(things) to wear and on the 5th of July: A Good Thing.Stay for a weekend (or more) in Arnhem this June and visit not only all events in the city of Arnhem. You should go to @krollermullermuseum , just outside Arnhem in the middle of the beautyfull @hogeveluwe district.Every year @introdans closes the theater season in a festive way. Just like last year, their End of Season performances are part of the FDFA PLAY programme.@annetveerbeekstyling sells special and hand made jewelry and accessoiries at her studio. The jewelry and accessoires had a previous life in fotoshoots and fashionshows. Every package has a unique composition.

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