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Find unique and ecological shirts and sweaters with prints at Plotz. Every print is used only 50 times before it is archived. @modekwartierarnhemAs an activist for life, @viviennewestwood and her designs are an indispensable part of @stateoffashion2018 'Searching for the new Luxury'.She's the head of the master Fashion Design at ArtEZ: Pascale Gatzen. On the 31st of May she will speak during the @fashioncolloquium2018 at @musis_arnhem . @artez.fashion.mastersDesignerduo Trix Hoogveld and Resi van Kraaij met each other at ArtEZ in Arnhem and have the @trixenrees shop in the Kerkstraat, where you can buy their recognizable and detailed designs.June 12, as part of the FDFA Creative Arnhem week, CASA will present an evening with architect Thomas Rau. @rau.architectsESSENTIAL starts with truly listening... Listen and see what  Helen Storey has got to tell at @stateoffashion2018 (June 1st - July 22nd, Arnhem)

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