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Jones presents: “HUMAN POWER” Loop Collaboration Studio x Birkenstock

There are no socks without shoes.

For the occasion of the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA), Jones and Birkenstock have joined forces to support Loop Collaboration Studio. Loop Collaboration Studio was founded by Ieva Uzkurataite, Master Fashion Strategy graduate at ArtEZ, and focuses on people from social minority groups, most of whom have developed expertise in working with textiles. As employment opportunities for these groups are slim, Loop Collaboration Studio is using social awareness and responsibility to challenge the fashion industry and encourage it to increase the number of human-centered systems and initiatives. 

With 'Human Power' socks, Ieva has created such and initiative herself. These 'Human Power' socks have been developed in partnership with retired women from Lithuania, whose traditional craft in the form of knitting skills is embraced and honored. The product lives up to its own message, as the studio takes care of the project's visual language and media channels, allowing it to have a place within the (contemporary) fashion market. 

Jones supports empowerment of all humans in equity and honest relationships. The 'Human Power' socks will be available for purchase at Jones, with 80% of the sales flowing straight back into the project. A conscious decision has been made to include Birkenstock's classic Arizona model constructed of EVA material; a colourful sandal to complement the socks, made with a material that is completely vegan. Join us in this movement and support human power! 

The 'Human Power' exhibition will be on view during the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem from June 6th until July 7th at Jones, Eiland 6, 6811 DC, Arnhem (the Netherlands). Jones will host an official opening event on the 7th of June, starting from 17:00. During this event, Ieva will be present to share more about her project. 

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