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Gratis entree

Dit was tijdens FDFA 2019
dus je kunt dit evenement niet meer bezoeken.

Georganiseerd door:
ArtEZ Fashion Strategy MA

ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy
Graduation Show generation 27

Kleine Oord 175, naast de Albert Heijn.

Social inequality, unsustainable production processes, a lack of criticism in fashion discourse, rapid trend cycles, a loss of tactility and a need for new sensorial approaches, an abundance of algorithmic propaganda, broken relationships between garment and human, authoritarian mechanisms of fashion creation, the oppressive grip of capitalism...

It appears that the current state of our fashion system is in dire need of RE:
a re-writing of its modes and rules; 
a re-activation of established hierarchies; 
a re-consideration of existing systems; 
a re-sponse based on action and concrete, structural change.

We, as Generation #27, invite you to turn the idea of fashion over, and inside out. Together, we want to explore the fashion system’s far-reaching social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts. Ultimately, our aim is to challenge fashion’s traditional boundaries and perceptions. 

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22 juni 2019 10:00-17:00

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